Friday, 15 March 2013

Gunbound Cash Generator -2013 working 100%

The best Hack ever created by the almighty Soar3z! he spent over a month developing and overcoming security issues to finally reveal!! GUNBOUND CASH GENERATOR! currently works with Gunbound International and Gunbound Latino but in the near future We will work on one for GB Classic!
This hack contains an Aimbot that has 98% accuracy and works on all mobiles except nak mobile and frog mobile ( this will be fixed soon in the next version!) Gunbound cash generator will definitely help you reach the highest ranks possible on Gunbound! I bought myself over 130 avatars and a lot of item2s In other words I am unbeatable! :D

PS: try and keep additional features on and you will be surprised ;) 

Gunbound Cash Generator -2013 working 100% [SCROLL DOWN]

This is how the Hack looks like!

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To Get The Hack You Must Finish The 2 Steps Bellow
Remember : You Must!!!

Step 1 - Copy the text bellow and paste it to 3 different pages on facebook, pages about Gunbound Normally.

 [NEW] - Updated version of the Gunbound {international/latino} cash hack, now you can add 500 cash a day... I  Already Bought 130 avatars! and no one can stand against my items! Its Amazing!! Link :


Step 2 - Click The Share And The Like Button On The Bottom of The Post - Scroll Down To See Them!!  Nothing Easier!! After This You Are Done...

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Status: Not completed

One quick survey is required to be completed in order to UNLOCK the DOWNLOAD for the Gunbound cash generator SOFTWARE! Thank you for your patience. (*The download will not begin if you do not complete a Free Survey..*)